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Terms and conditions apply to the entire contents of the website under the domain name www.quintilisjewels.com ("Website"). Please read these terms and conditions carefully and understand our online shopping policies before entering into any transactions on our website.

Using this Website also indicates that you accept these terms and conditions, together with our Privacy Policy here and all applicable laws and regulations regardless of whether or not you choose to register with us. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, please do not use this Website. You should print a copy of these terms and conditions for future reference.

For any questions or sales related enquiries, please email our customer service assistants at admin@quintilisjewels.com

For any enquiries regarding your order, please email us at support@quintilisjewels.com


Repairs & Servicing policies

All our jewellery and gemstones are designed and hand assembled to the highest quality by master jewellery craftsmen. Customers are advised to wear and care for their jewellery as they would for fine jewellery.

Our warranty only covers damage not caused by accidents, inappropriate use, or wear and tear. Repair fees may be charged if there is proof of artificial damage. Stone charges may also apply to items that have lost stones due to negligence. All items are subject to pre-inspection and authorisation from us before we accept the items for repair and servicing.

With regards to ring sizing, if you find that your ring is not the right size, you may send it back to us for resizing service within 14-days. There will be an one free resizing for each purchase. First time resizing of a purchase is free, except when resizing to 3 or more sizes bigger than the original for which additional charges will apply.

Quintilis offers these additional services to our customers for items exclusively purchased with us:

·       Ring resizing

·       Chain repairs

·       Re-tipping and claw repairs

·       Replacing missing stones

·       Fitting new clasps

·       Rhodium plating

·       Soldering charms

·       Polishing and finishing

·       Valuations

Jewellery will be evaluated before repairs and we will provide you with a reasonable quote for repair charges. If possible, you may send us the pictures of the problem so that we can evaluate it and quote the repair charge before you send the item to us.

Follow these procedures if you require repair services:

1.     Email us at support@quintilisjewels.com to notify us of the problem and our customer service representative will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

2.      We may ask you to ship the item back to us for inspection. You will be provided a pre-approved repair authorization form and a return address.

3.     Send the package via traceable carrier (DHL, UPS, FedEx, Local courier), so that you can track your package if necessary.

4.     Following an inspection of the item, we will repair the item if it is found to be faulty and will return it to you as soon as we can. We require at least 14-working days. If we deem the damage is due to fair wear and tear or customer negligence, we can offer to repair it at your cost or you can opt to have it shipped back to your address (delivery charges will apply).

5.     Remember to state “Item return for repair” on the commercial invoice of the shipment in order to request exemption of any potential duplicated tax and duties on the order.

Custom Made and Special orders

Customisation and special orders are additional services we offer our customers. If you have seen an item of jewelry you like, we can provide a quote to have this made for you. Also, if you need expert advice and design ideas, you can contact our consultant team at admin@quintilisjewels.com for more information.


Orders once placed and confirmed cannot be cancelled because at Quintilis, we work efficiently to have your order processed for shipping or for production (for custom made orders). If you insist on returning your purchase, your return is subject to a 30% of its cost in restocking fee.

Quintilisjewels.com reserves the right to make any amendments to this policy at any time. Notification of any changes will be published on this page.


Privacy Act

Quantilisjewels.com recognises that the security of your private information on our website is an important concern. We highly value the trust relationships we have with our customers and will comply with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012, Singapore (PDPA) at all times.

While the Privacy Act uses a variety of terms to represent personal and consumer-credit related information, we refer to such information as “personal data”.

When you engage our company to provide you with goods or when you communicate with our company through email, by telephone, in writing, or use any of our company's other services, including our company's websites, you agree to the use and disclosure of your personal information in the manner described in this policy.


Collection, Use and Disclosure 
Our company collects personal data such as:

o   identity particulars such as; your name, sex, address, date of birth,  telephone number, occupation;

o   your bank account details and credit card information;

o   your email, user ID's and passwords;

o   any goods, services or credit provided to you;

o   records of your communications with our company;

o   court proceedings information, personal insolvency information and credit-related publicly available information;

o   personal website usage information.


 Our company will generally collect and use your personal information for the primary purpose of:

o   Company's general business operations;

o   providing you with our company's goods and services and entering into transactions with you;

o   providing you with credit under any application by you for commercial credit;

o   communicating with you;

o   responding to your enquiries about our goods and services;

o   meeting our company's legal and regulatory requirements;

o   conducting, improving and developing a business relationship with you;

o   marketing (such as providing individuals with information about our products and promotional notices and offers); and

o   improving our company's website.

When you apply for a particular product or service through this website, the application form may contain special consents concerning the use of your information. If you give these consents, which will usually be required before the application can proceed, we may use your information as you have permitted and also for the above purposes.

Personal data is only collected:

o   when necessary for our company's operations;

o   by lawful and fair means; and

o   where practicable, from the individuals concerned or from a person acting or authorised to act on your behalf.

Our company takes reasonable steps to ensure that you are aware of:

o   the likely use of your personal information

o   the right of access to your personal information

o   the identity and contact details of our company's employee/representative collecting your personal information;

o   any law requiring collection of your personal information; and the main consequences of failure to provide such information.

Access and Correction

 Our company is required to correct any error or omission in a customer’s personal data upon his or her request. Unless our company is satisfied on reasonable grounds that the correction should not be made, our company should correct the personal data as soon as practicable. If you seek correction and our company disagrees that the information is incorrect, our company will provide you with its reasons for taking that view.

Our company disregards information that seems likely to be inaccurate or out-of-date by reason of the time that has elapsed since it was collected or by reason of any other information in its possession.

Complaints and disputes

 We acknowledge that you have a general right to ensure your personal information and your credit related information are accurate and up-to-date, as well as the general right of access to information concerning yourself, and to have inaccurate information corrected.  If you have reason to believe that we have not complied with our obligations relating to your information or the Privacy Act, please contact our support team at support@quintilisjewels.com.

We will ensure that your complaint is handled by our team in an appropriate and reasonable manner. A written notice of our decision regarding your complaint will be provided to you.

How this policy changes

This policy may change from time to time. A current version of this policy will be published on our company's website or it may be obtained free of charge upon request.

More information on privacy legislation is available from the Personal Data Protection Commission at www.pdpc.gov.sg